Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm back!!

Sorry to have fallen off the planet y'all. Life has been kinda crazy and I am not in the habit of blogging. Things seem to be calming down which is so nice. However, it is the calm before the storm with Missions Conference right around the corner. I am super, super excited about it conference this year since I have finally signed up for Camp BIMI. Camp BIMI is a training program for people desiring to go on the mission field. I finally feel like things are starting to move for that dream. It is a slow process, but the Lord has the best timing!

I have been cooking a few things and making a few crafts in the last few weeks. I even pulled out my sewing machine to start working on some skirts for me and gifts for friends. I've made an adorable gift for a friend of mine, but will not be able to post anything till after her birthday! All that to say I have not completely fallen off the wagon. One night I made 2 carrot cakes, 1 quiche, 1 chocolate cake, 1 batch of nariyal burfi (an Indian dessert), and a cobbler (don't have a clue what kind it was because I threw away the box and it doesn't taste like any fruit in particular)!!

One night I was craving cookies, chocolate, sugar, etc. Ok..ok..I crave that every night, but I gave in to the craving one night. I looked in my pantry and realized I was out of chocolate chips which puts a damper on having chocolate chip cookies. I was also exhausted so I wanted it to be easy!! I saw that I still had 2 bags of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix and a fridge full of frosting. All a girl has to do is throw in some sprinkles and life is good...very good!

Frosted Sugar Cookies

1 bag of sugar cookie mix
1 tub of frosting

1. Bake the cookies per the instructions on the mix/recipe.
2. After cookies have slightly cooled frost them with frosting of your choice. (which of course will be chocolate!!)
3. Apply sprinkles to the freshly frosted cookies.
I found that I could only frost a few at a time before the frosting started to harden and the sprinkles wouldn't really stick.

Eat the whole batch or at least half the batch while watching a chick flick.

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