Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carry the Light

My church just finished Missions Conference on Sunday. This is always a special time for me and it goes by too quickly. I love hearing about the various mission fields and seeing the many needs. My suitcases always try to come out of the closet and pack themselves. One of these days they'll finally get their wish!! I can't wait to be the one sharing my ministry and field. (Lord Willing) For now I can work in my mission field in the States and pray/support the ones who are on the field.

I wish I had a video from the Sunday AM service when we do the Parade of Nations. All the teens bring in the flags of the countries where my church has missionaries. Pastor Pittman reads the name of each missionary with each flag. It is quite impressive and touching. I believe Temples have missionaries in 90+ countries, but there are so many more places for laborers to go. We also have 10 families from our church on the field/on deputation. It is so exciting to be a part of this growing ministry!

Here is a video from the PM service. I love how they blend the children, teen, and adult choirs. All 4 missionaries came in behind the flag of their country. Pastor and several other men all gather around and pray for them and the ministries they are involved in. Hope you enjoy!

We also have an International Dinner after the PM service. I think we had over 40 countries represented this year. There is some good food going down at this event. I worked with three of my friends to put together a Greek table. I'll be sharing the yummy recipes in future posts. I absolutely love the food!